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IABA Programs

Contribute to the well-being of your business and to that of the building industry as a whole.  
Now is the time.

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3-In-1 Visibilty

Dues include membership in the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the Alaska State Home Building Association (ASHBA), and the Interior Alaska Building Association (IABA).

When you become of a member, you automatically receive advocacy information and representation, visibility, discounts & rebates, and access to all the benefits of the Alaska State Home Building Association (ASHBA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

IABA is the second largest local association affiliated with the Alaska State Home Building Association (ASHBA) with Members who employ over 500 residents of the Interior.

An IABA Membership provides:

  • Marketing opportunities

  • Networking opportunities

  • Daily, weekly and monthly communication on important industry issues

  • Industry-specific continuing education and professional growth options

  • Leading industry insights and advocacy for the home building industry

  • Industry voice in both Juneau and Washington, D.C.

Women Voting

Professional Women in Building (PWB)

Our PWB Council brings together the power of professional women and creates opportunities to build successful careers in the Interior. 

PWB members work in all aspects of the building industry: owners, builders, developers, remodelers, architects, suppliers, marketing experts, designers, finance and real estate.

PWB is also the voice of women across the industry, dedicated to promoting industry professionalism and supporting members at the local, state and national levels by offering networking and educational opportunities, legislative awareness and outreach and personal and professional development.

The council offers access to leadership development, national recognition, scholarships and award programs.


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Manufacturer Rebates

The Member Rebate Program is an exciting program that can actually put money back into your pocket. Alaskan Contractors earned an average rebate check of $1800 last year. This covered the cost of their membership dues and more!

Through this program, the country's leading manufacturers pay rebates as their way of thanking our members for their loyalty to their products.

You may already be utilizing many of these products, so why not get paid a rebate for something you're already doing?

  • The program does not require you to change how you do business.

  • The supply chain is not affected.

  • No receipts are required - a simple project form needs to be filled out quarterly for projects that are closed or completed.

  • Our Executive Officer sets up your account. All you need to do is login.

Nobody likes paperwork, so we've worked hard to keep it to a minimum and keep the process simple.


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General Liability Insurance Program

The Alaska Builders Insurance Program is an Alaskan-owned, exclusive general liability insurance program with preferential rates only for members of local home building associations throughout Alaska.

The program intends to reduce policy expenses for our members by minimizing the impact of insurance trends happening in the Lower 48.

Contractor and subcontractor members in good standing may qualify.

There is no minimum or maximum number (#) of employees necessary to qualify.

Benefits of the program include:

  • Stability of Pricing

  • Affordability of coverage.

  • Coverages that are restricted or unavailable elsewhere in Alaska.

  • Policyholders become minority shareholders in the program.

  • You may keep your current insurance broker.

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But there's more...


Representation on Capitol Hill

We are the voice of our industry in Juneau, Alaska and Washington, D.C. We monitor, support and promote legislation that aims to help our industry from the local to the state to the national level. 

IABA, ASHBA, and NAHB, constantly provides top notch legislative and regulatory representation on behalf of the home building industry.

IABA representatives visit Juneau and Washington, D.C. each year on a legislative visit to address issues affecting our diverse membership. As topics or industry issues arise, we send notices to our membership and post information on our Faceook page so you can follow and comment.

If you have concerns you would like to discuss with our State or National Directors, or if you would like to help identify key legislative talking points with IABA, ASHBA, or NAHB, please contact us at EXECUTIVEOFFICER@INTERIORABA.COM.

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Networking & Education

More Than One Way to Learn

As a member of the IABA, you are a part of a large network of industry professionals. You have a golden opportunity at your fingertips to network with your peers and colleagues.

Teams & committees are smaller groups of members who work to plan, implement and oversee specific projects within the IABA. Joining a team is the best way to learn about association operations and will give you unique opportunities to develop leadership skills and gain exposure for you and your company.

In order for IABA to remain fresh and exciting, we need a cross section of the membership serve on a team. Think outside of the box... many spouses and friends of the IABA join our teams, as well! Do your part and join a committee today!

  • You'll have access to Local, State and National networking and educational opportunities such as the Alaska State Home Building Association's Annual Conference and the International Builder's Show. 

  • You'll have access to new product information and technologies as well as designation programs- CEUs are not the only thing required to keep in-the-know! NAHB offers webinars and other tools to learn about new technologies, current industry standards, and whats going on in the nation.

  • You'll have access to the annual ASHBA BUILD AK Conference, where you can take classes offered by certified instructors without having to travel to the Lower 48. Many members complete their renewal requirements in just a few days at this convention.

  • Contractor-members are able to apply for CERTIFIED ALASKA BUILT. certification.

  • You will receive an NAHB Spike number with log-in access to – a powerful resource for the entire building industry.

  • You'll receive invitations to our social and community activities including our our Holiday Banquet, Keynote Speaker events, and out-of-the-box networking activities.

  • You'll find that with the IABA, you have great opportunities to meet and network with other stakeholders in our industry.

Conference Crowd

Sponsorship Opportunities

Outstanding Quality

IABA brings together major players in the Alaska area housing industry. Our membership includes builders, contractors, remodelers and developers as well as sales and marketing experts, architects, trade contractors, product suppliers, and providers of financial and other industry services.

Throughout the year, the IABA promotes the importance of the industry, working to make sure that housing is top-of-mind with elected representatives and policy makers, the media, and the community. For effective and efficient marketing, you've come to the right place!

From event sponsorships and charity projects to radio and print advertising opportunities, newsletter shout-outs, digital media marketing, and member-to-member promotions, the IABA offers excellent opportunities to promote your company, develop contacts, and generate sales.

The good name you get from being a visible participant in IABA is invaluable.


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Money-Saving Rebates & Discounts

The Best for the Best

Members also receive these service discounts:

- Discount on your booth at the IABA Home Show!

- Discount on your Home Entry in the IABA Parade of Homes!

- National Corporate discounts (SEE THE LIST)

- State Member Rebate Program (READ MORE)

- Preferred rates on General Liability Insurance (READ MORE)

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Marketing Representation

Truly Top-Notch Marketing

- We present a positive public image of your company's products and services in our industry by sharing your marketing materials at conferences, sending out press releases to media outlets, and overseeing social and digital media marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

- You receive a professional listing in the IABA Home Construction Directory, distributed annually to over 3,000 Home Show attendees, home owners, industry professionals, and buyers in the Interior.

- You receive a professional listing on the Interior Alaska Relocation & Buyer's Guide website, a collaboration among top notch agencies, cities and boroughs in the Interior and fast becoming the official buying resource of the Interior. A Housing Task Force led by Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation works together to manage quality content on this site, and promotes it throughout the year to incoming air force squadrons and current local residents.

- Access to our exclusive CERTIFIED ALASKA BUILT.® and ALASKA BUILT.® programs-- publicly recognized, statewide brands that help consumers relate to you and our industry overall. Reach out to see how you can benefit from them.

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