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Builder Connect

Are you thinking about building a new home or renovating an existing home? Let us help! This Contact Form connects potential clients with our builder members.

Rest assured, our members are licensed, bonded and insured. Why? Because here in Fairbanks, we believe that the people you work with say a lot about you. We think home buyers should be protected. And we always want to embody three very important values: Integrity, Quality, and Trust.

If you are in need of a contractor or you are thinking about buying or building a home, let our members be your first point of contact. 

How it works:

1. Interested clients submit their project and contact information to the Interior Alaska Building Association.

2. The IABA reviews the request and connects potential clients with the builders who match their needs.

3. After the client finds a builder, the IABA, Alaska State Home Building Association (ASHBA), and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), provide additional resources for the next steps of your new home.

Thanks for submitting!

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