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Key Advocacy Points

All the Answers You Seek — In One Place

As your advocate in Juneau and in D.C., the IABA, together with ASHBA and NAHB, constantly develops and provides top notch legislative and regulatory representation on behalf of the home building industry.

IABA Representatives visit Juneau each year on a Legislative visit to address

issues affecting our diverse membership.  As this event nears or issues arise we

will post them here for you to follow and comment on.

We Support state funding of the Cold Climate Housing Research Center (CCHRC).

The work of CCHRC advances cold climate building practices, technology, and is instrumental in developing affordable, healthy, durable, and sustainable shelters for Alaskans and other cirumpolar people. Their innovations help us build Alaska the right way, the first time! The programs at CCHRC are especially important to fund at the state government level to help work toward non-reliance on government energy subsidies. We need to make sure Alaskan homes are affordable and healthy!


We Support a Statewide Building Code (HB359).

A statewide residential building code will help protect consumers and raise standards for safety and integrity of homes, which improves energy efficiency, the health and comfort of homeowners, and home values. 


We Support a Statewide Property Tax Abatement (HB232).

FNSB Mayor Bryce Ward worked closely with our association to develop a plan for a property tax abatement, with the end goal of incentivizing the building of 6 Star residences and commercial properties in the Interior.

We want Alaska to be built the right way, the first time.

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