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ALASKA BUILT. Interior Builders Association Unveils New Brand

MAR 30 2017


ALASKA BUILT. Interior builders association unveils new brand

FAIRBANKS — The Interior Alaska Building Association is rolling out its ALASKA BUILT. brand as it looks to raise awareness for the state’s construction industry, and promote quality construction work. 

“It will give contractors more credibility and consumers a mark they can trust,” said Jess Laine, executive director of the Interior Alaska Building Association. “We’re helping the community understand what they’re buying and who they’re hiring.”

Laine said the end goal is for people to walk past a construction site, company truck or purchasing a house and be able to recognize the ALASKA BUILT. logo and know a quality product or company is associated with it. 

“One thing that the IABA feels strongly about is making sure the community is built the right way the first time,” Laine said. “We want homes that are built strong and reliable. We want to encourage affordable homes that are energy efficient.”

Any builder associated with the ALASKA BUILT. logo is required to be licensed, bonded and insured. These building companies also must be members of the National Association of Home Builders and a builders association in Alaska. 

Laine said Alaska has no state building code, which can be problematic for some home buyers who sink a great deal of money into repairing their homes. She said ventilation and tightness are common problems. 

Laine said ALASKA BUILT. heavily promotes licensed, bonded and insured contractors as well. 

“We support owner builders,” Laine said. “But we want owner builders to be aware and cautious of what happens when you hire a contractor who is not licensed, bonded and insured.” 

IABA will be selling hats, T-shirts and other merchandise to promote the brand, Laine said.

“We just received a ($24,000 grant) from the National Association of Home Builders to push this further,” Laine said. “As a nonprofit (group), this is exciting for us.”

Laine said the IABA formally trademarked ALASKA BUILT. in July 2015, and the logos should be certified in nine months to a year. 

The Interior Alaska Building Association is a nonprofit group that lobbies on builders’ behalf and provides a network for contractors among other services. 

Contact staff writer Kevin Baird at 459-7575. Follow him on Twitter: @FDNMcity.

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