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Updated: Sep 30, 2020

The economic crisis COVID-19 created hit independent contractors particularly hard. As the country entered lockdown and many people faced layoffs, the impacts quickly made their way into Alaska’s arts community. Suddenly, writers, artists, performers and photographers were without work. Certain industries, like homebuilding, were deemed essential and able to continue operating. But members of the arts community were left wondering when work would pick up and if they’d survive financially in the meantime.

A large percentage of weddings across the country were postponed and photographers lost most of their clients during the busiest season. Without bars, crowds and restaurants, musicians had nowhere to perform. COVID canceled exhibits, concerts, and art and music classes, leaving behind a devastating economic impact.

Art plays an important role in what makes a house a home. Artwork and photography bring rooms to life. They invoke memories and emotions, start conversations and showcase personal style. Because the arts community is so closely tied to homebuilding, the Interior Alaska Building Association wants to help. Homes in the 2020 IABA Parade of Homes will feature the artwork of local artists. The art will be available for purchase. JAMELLE DUSZYNSKI Jamelle Duszynski lives in Fairbanks. She specializes in cardboard art, oil paintings and hand-carved lanterns made from recycled Bota Box Wine boxes. Her art encompasses a wide variety of genres, drawing from her travels around the world and her own backyard. Prints are available. You can view her work on Facebook at Jamelle Duszynski Art.

KESLER WOODWARD An Alaska resident since 1977, Kesler Woodward of Fairbanks, is one of Alaska’s best-known artists. He was a 2012 recipient of the Rasmuson Foundation’s Distinguished Artists Award. In 2004, he received the first Alaska Governor’s Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Arts. His recent work focuses on dusk, dawn and twilight. You can find his work on


Misty Cunningham is the owner of Cunningham Photography, Starving Artist Showroom and Northern Whimsy Art Studio. Cunningham is a wildlife and family photographer. Starving Artists Showroom is a photography showroom that features various “starving” artists each month. Northern Whimsy Art Studio is a small gift shop in downtown Fairbanks featuring local artists, handmade gifts and mosaic art supplies. You can find information at, and

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