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Local Online Guide Pools Resources for Incoming Eielson Families

May 6 2019


Local Online Guide Pools Resources for Incoming Eielson Families

FAIRBANKS, Alaska – The Interior Alaska Building Association (“IABA”) launched the Interior Alaska Relocation & Buyer’s Guide, a comprehensive tool that aims to offer the ease and simplicity of finding all local resources in one place. The Guide will be accessible through, a website created in connection with the Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation’s (FEDC) Housing Task Force and other community efforts aimed at addressing projected housing growth related to incoming F-35 squadrons at Eielson Air Force Base.

The dynamic site is a collaboration among Interior F-35 stakeholders including the aforementioned FEDC, IABA the Cold Climate Housing Research Center, local realtors, military installations, municipalities and more, and provides valuable information about Interior Alaska’s cities and boroughs, agencies and associations, building and home buying resources, a ‘Cold Climate Library’ lifestyle blog, maps, and a calendar of local events. Additionally, the site will host a Buyer’s Guide, published by Strategic Value Media, featuring local company listings in addition to valuable cold climate product information.

“This site offers access to a vast network of local resources,” said Jessica Leorna, Executive Officer of IABA. “We’re pleased to offer an easily accessible, year-round, online tool that will assist families in making educated home and lifestyle purchasing decisions in our unique climate, even before they arrive.”  

In 2019 and 2020, content on the site and related marketing initiatives will focus on providing information for incoming Air Force personnel, their families, and their civilian teams and equipping them with an efficient way to browse for local goods and services. The Guide will offer visibility for local businesses by showcasing products and services to this targeted buyer group and an opportunity to share expertise through articles in the blog; it will fast become the leading resource for Fairbanks, North Pole and surrounding areas.

“FEDC appreciates the IABA’s efforts to help invite and inform new residents about our community, yes, but for doing it in a way that will also be beneficial to current residents,” said Jim Dodson, President & CEO of FEDC.  “Having, building and maintaining quality housing stocks is critical to the local economy and already, many of the resources, particularly those related to quality, climate-appropriate construction and refurbishment techniques, systems and materials and their use, are valuable whether you’ve arrived in the Interior just yesterday or have been living here all your life.” 

Interior Alaska’s economy will see an influx of dollars related to the F-35 relocation. The IABA hopes to contribute to the good health and image of its members and the community by facilitating the pooling of local resources and promoting reputable businesses that make the Interior a great place to live.

The Interior Alaska Relocation & Buyer’s Guide is now in beta and can be viewed online. The Buyer’s Guide will launch Summer 2019; interested advertisers may contact the publisher at


The Interior Alaska Building Association (IABA) is a non-profit trade association comprised of builders, remodelers, developers, suppliers, industry services, and sales & marketing professionals. IABA's mission is to promote safe, durable and efficient housing by educating consumers and building industry professionals for the benefit of our community. The IABA is an affiliate of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the Alaska State Home Building Association (ASHBA). For more information, visit

Media Contact:

Jessica Leorna, Executive Officer

Buyer’s Guide Publisher, Advertising/Sales:

IABA c/o Strategic Value Media

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